Although I said I’d never put those painful purple contacts back in, I procrastinated too long and had to quickly find a costume for this year’s party.  The good news is that the contacts did not hurt like they did in Las Vegas.  However, I lost complete vision in my left eye about thirty minutes into the party.  Everything became a total blur, so I took them off and went on with the fun of socializing with my neighbors.

My husband went as Willie from Duck Dynasty, and he tried to talk me into buying this ridiculously huge duck costume that looked beyond horrific.  He even begged, but that was never an option.

This will most likely be the last time I dress up as Alissia.  I don’t have the jewels she had, anyways, and I don’t compare anything to the description in the book.  I tried though, and it was fun.  I especially enjoyed it in Vegas when Melissa dressed as Anika, Alissia’s close friend.

I will say that I am very blessed to live in a new neighborhood where just about everyone knows each other, and we even like each other.  Parties and gatherings are always enjoyable where we live, and after moving around for most of my life, I believe I have found my home and am settling down.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has ever dressed as a character from a novel for a costume party.  If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.  Dressing as Alissia is my first time, and it was fun.


My daughter believes in sideways shots.  Last year my husband and I dressed in Roman outfits.  My hair was so short back then, and Daryl needed to smile.  I think that was his first time dressing up since childhood.  He’s getting the hang of it now.