End of Angels, written by Julius St. Clair, is a fictional account of Lucifer and his army in Heaven. It’s the first book in the Angel Story Saga, and at the time of this review, the eBook version is free.
I’ll start by saying I got confused and actually thought I was reading the second book of another series. Their covers are very similar on my Kindle, and they’re both about angels. I kept waiting for the story to intertwine with the first one. Obviously, that never happened.

This book is written for young adults, and I can see that in the way the angels interacted with each other. The main character, Lysander, is a young angel, and there is a lot he does not understand. In fact, he was clueless–as was the reader–throughout most of the story. His interactions with the other angels he was grouped with often seemed like a group of teenagers, and I’ll admit it was a bit hard for me to get into. I didn’t connect with Lysander much. There just wasn’t a lot of emotional depth there.

The story moved at a slow pace, but I continued–thinking it was the second book in another series that I really enjoyed. My Kindle said it was at the 70% mark when it finally started to get interesting, and it was quite enjoyable after that.

I liked how this book gave a fictional account of Lucifer’s fall, and I can say it’s a very clean read for teens and even middle schoolers. I’ll recommend it to my middle daughter to see what she thinks, and I can honestly recommend this to all middle schoolers. However, I can’t say the same for adults and older teens. The slow pace and the immaturity of the main character and his friends did not pull me into the story. My reading time is rare, and I want a story that pulls emotions from me. Although it has a great plot, this book just didn’t do that.