The month of November is finally over, and it was a crazy and hectic month for most writers.  Thankfully, I did not attempt NaNoWriMo, as I knew my writing would be challenged with the amount of guests I had during the week of Thanksgiving.  My children and husband were sick, which added to the distractions of the month.  As I took care of the children and prepared for my guests, I watched as most of my writing peers soared in their word count.  Although I am happy for each of them, I do admit to some jealousy as I longed to be among them in the race.

As a writer, it is extremely hard to shut out the “voices” that call to me throughout the day, wanting their stories to be told.  As of now, I have two different novels and a novella in my head, and they are each fighting for my attention.  There’s a saying that a writer writes to forget and a reader reads to remember.  That is so very true.  The untold stories constantly consume my mind, and I can’t wait to get them written down so that I can finally stop thinking about them.  Then, another story takes their place, and it’s an unending process that continuously repeats itself.  There is no peace with a writer.  We are plagued with thoughts throughout the day and even into the night.  Falling asleep is often a battle, as our mind would rather create things than shut down.

Now that December is here and National Novel Writing Month is over, I imagine most of my peers will slow down a bit after the frenzy of last month.  As for me, I am eager to finish my work in progress, and I plan to push myself hard this month.  Although my family will have to adjust to my workload coming back, I will try to balance the Christmas season with my personal need to finish this novel.  While last month was filled with doctor appointments and organizing my home, this month will be filled with Christmas parties, gift wrapping, and so much more.  However, this month I stand firm to my writing.  It will be done, even if it is done in the late hours of the night.

There is a benefit to my children being out of school for two weeks.  I won’t have to get up at 5:50 in the morning, and I can sleep in.  It’s amazing how better of a writer I am in the wee hours of the morning when everyone in my house is asleep.  I wish I could say the same for a normal day at work.

This month should be exciting.  I hope to finalize the cover soon, and I plan to have a cover reveal coming your way.  Stay tuned and get ready to find out what’s happening with Alissia.  Book two is very different from the first, as she is in a completely different situation.  Will there be answers to some of the mysteries revealed in Unexpected Metamorphosis?  Some, but not all.  The Alissia Roswell Series is an adventure, and I have so much awaiting her.  New things will be introduced, answers will come, but most importantly, Alissia will grow into the woman she needs to become.  These things don’t happen overnight.  Her story is complicated, which you’ve already learned if you’ve read the first book.

As always, I truly thank you all for your support.  If you haven’t left a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads yet, please do so.  It would help immensely in getting the word out.