I’d like to welcome Lia London to my blog with her new release Her Imaginary Husband. Not only is Lia an author, but she is also the creator of Clean Indie Reads–a site dedicated to flinch-free fiction.





New teacher Nikki Fallon is trying to ward of unwanted advances from the hunky football coach. She should…

  1. slap him silly.
  2. report him for harassment.
  3. invent an imaginary husband.

 Nikki is confident at a cutting board making salsa, or in a classroom getting teens excited about English, but dating…? Well, romance is not her strong subject!

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 Is this book part of a series?

No. It’s a stand-alone. Of course, if it becomes a crazy best-seller, I could probably continue the story, but that’s not my current intention.

What genre do you consider this book to be?

Contemporary Romance/Sweet Romance/Romantic Comedy

What age group would you say this novel is written for?

I’m targeting the New Adult group—18 to 25-ish, but I see no reason why folks both younger and older couldn’t read it.

If it is not a YA novel, what content pushes into the adult market?

Actually, it’s pretty squeaky clean. There is zero swearing (her cuss word of choice is “shaboobaloo”), zero violence (unless you count klutz factors), and two brief kissing scenes, not overly heated or detailed. The only reason I’m not saying YA is because the main character is a college grad, but not because of any explicit content. This is a very sweeeet romance.

You can learn more about Lia and her writing at:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/LiaLondon1

Website: http://LiaLondonBooks.com

Createspace for paperbacks: https://www.createspace.com/5148125