The children went back to school yesterday, and we’re on a schedule again. I spent the month of June traveling and catching up with friends and family, and July was spent going through closets and purging my house of clutter. Now I’m ready to dive back into my writing.

I love this time of year! Although August is too hot for writing outside, next month I’ll be sitting on one of my porches while typing away. A cool breeze, hot cup of tea, and complete solitude make the perfect setting for writing.

I’ve missed writing SO much the past two months. The scenes are cramming their way into my mind and won’t leave me alone. It’s either I write or go mad trying to ignore it.

Stay tuned, as I’ll soon be posting small updates on Facebook about how each day goes. You’ll get an idea of what I’m researching–usually the setting, as I don’t give to many hints out. Don’t won’t to spoil my surprises 🙂