Unexpected Beginning_FrontCover_FINAL_72dpi

Want to be one of the first to read Unexpected Beginning? If you have an e-reader or app on  your device and would like to get a copy of the fourth book in the Alissia Roswell Series–before its official release–please fill out this form, and you’ll be contacted as soon as the editing is finished.

As a beta reader, you agree to notify me of any errors you may find that was overlooked during the proofing and editing stages. (Yes, those frustrating typos still exist, even after multiple people read through it many times–including an editor. I agree. It’s truly amazing how those little things slip through unnoticed.)

It should be ready for beta reading around the end of January, and I’ll need your input within two weeks of receiving your copy, as I’m striving for a February release.

Beta Readers