Written by Cynthia Ruchti, this book is a collection of true stories she gathered from others. Each chapter tells a person’s painful life experience, where they were greatly hurt by someone they loved. I’m not talking about small hurts either. Most of these stories deal with pains I had never really thought about, and they all kept me interested.

I liked how each chapter stood alone and completed a story. Lately, I haven’t had much time for reading fiction, as those books are often hard for me to put down, and life has been a bit hectic. This book made it easy for me to read one chapter before bed each night, usually while soaking in a hot bath.

It is a Christian read that tells how each person chose to deal with other people’s choices that destroyed their lives. Like I said, these aren’t small hurts, and their lives will never be the same again because of someone they loved. It’s a book about forgiveness to the extreme. Everyone has a choice to make on how to deal with their harsh realities, and these people chose to forgive instead of getting bitter.

I truly can’t think of a negative thing about this book, and I give it five stars. Very interesting, uplifting, and it’s an easy read. It would make a great gift for someone going through extreme pain because of the wrong choices of someone else. It’s also a great read in general. You don’t have to be struggling with forgiveness to get something out of this book. It’s really that good!