The Death of Death, written by K. N. Parker, is a quick little short story that can be read in less than two hours. At this time, it’s free at Amazon.

I give this fast read four stars, as it was a simple story that served its purpose well–giving me a quick distraction from reality when I did not have time to commit to a book. I read most of it while taking a hot bath and finished it while in bed.

As for the story itself, we follow a character with no memories of her death as she searches for answers. There’s no action, romance, or anything wild about this read. It’s really just a simple read, yet it’s interesting. My eleven-year-old daughter even read it.

It’s a squeaky clean read. There’s no cursing, gore, or sexual content. As for the religious element, there is none whatsoever. It’s really just a quick, clean, fictional story–a light read.

I will add that it does need some editing, but I understand why the writer may not want to invest in an editor for this. It’s free. There’s no money being made off this short story. Just enjoy it for the fun read it is.