Most of you already know that I’ve started on the second book in the Alissia Roswell series, and although I had anticipated a spring release, it may be much sooner.  I have stayed focused and love to write.  However, I’m now in a bit of a dilemma.  I introduced a character in this novel, and he’s a wealthy ladies’ man, aka very eligible bachelor.  He’s charismatic and charming.  All that good stuff.  Sounds great, right?

Well, I’ve been married for over fourteen years and have not been around men like that since my single days.  I am struggling on getting his words right.  I have to think like this character, and I’m having a hard time doing that.

I called Melissa, who is my right hand when it comes to writing, and now we’re both struggling with this man’s words.  Here’s his first appearance in the novel:

Although my parents spoke of your beauty, I find myself at a loss for words.”  He let go of her hand and added, “It is an honor to meet you, Lady Alissia.  I have heard much about you, as you seem to have won the hearts of my parents.”

I called Melissa and told her to help me finish his first sentence, and she came up with something about a sunrise and colors and beauty…  I don’t know.  It was worse than mine.  In the end, out of frustration, I gave up and blurted out, “He’s speechless, Melis!  I have no words, so he has no words!”  Well said, right?

Since Melissa is my highly trusted beta reader that gets my writings at the end of each night, I have to listen to her opinion.  (Well, I don’t have to listen to her, but she’s the only person that can tell me how lame something is without me getting mad at her.  Strange, but true.)  Last night she texted me saying the book was great, but we have to do something about this guy’s speech.

Ugh!  Now I have to research how a man like him would talk.  I have to think like he does, and I am not a charming people pleaser.  I’m more like Alissia and Luke, the aggressive, don’t really care type.

I had to research wolves, knife throwing, and formal clothing for my last novel.  Now I’ve got to research charming men?  For the love of my readers, I will do this.  But, if you know of a charmer or are one yourself, feel free to contact me.  I’m asking you to charm me.  Give me some words to knock me off my feet.  Bring it on!  Yes, I’m feeling desperate 🙂  (My poor husband.  He puts up with me.)