I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you’re settling into 2016. I’m back at my desk each morning and will be ending many of my days writing. Spring will soon be here, and I’m feeling the pressure with Unexpected Beginning. I’m waiting until I type out a certain scene before the designer begins on the cover. The cover reveal is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of March.

As for the second release of Unexpected Metamorphosis, I’m still waiting on feedback from my beta readers. I recently sent it to fourteen more readers and hope to hear from them soon. Most of my readers entertained guests over the holidays and have not had much time to read.

I’ve pulled back on marketing and social media and will continue to do so until the second release of Unexpected Metamorphosis. Right now, my focus is on finishing Unexpected Beginning and getting it ready for a June release.

Stay tuned for more updates, and you may want to check out my Facebook page. I often give hints into my day’s writing, and I always respond to my readers’ comments.