Finally! Unexpected Peril is ready to leave my hands and go to the editor and beta readers. Although I finished the first draft back in November and was hoping for an early release, the past three months have been a struggle with sickness, lots of travel, and children’s activities. I’m finally at a point where I can relax again–no more travel, hopefully no more sickness, and I’m finally finished with my first round of edits.

Now I can focus on a cover design, do some marketing, and get back to writing. I also need to get back to exercising, reading, and baking. Even my personal life has suffered in the past three months with the chaos in my house. My back went out, and I was forced to stop working out. However, my dark chocolate addiction refused to take a break, and now my clothes are getting tight.

Today is a beautiful day, and I’m actually typing this from my back porch while listening to some loud birds, and it’s exactly what I needed when stepping out of my editing dungeon. I call it that, because editing is the opposite of writing. Where writing is all about creativity and freedom, editing is filled with rules and structure. I stare at the computer screen and read out loud to hear each punctuation and word. If something doesn’t sound right, I  have to stop and fix it–find the right wording, look up punctuation rules I question, and such. It’s a very slow and tedious process, and because I read out loud, I can’t drink much hot tea or eat dark chocolate without taking an official break 🙂

Hope you’re ready for the third book in the Alissia Roswell Series, as it is set to be released in May. This one is quite different from the first two. You can expect a variety of creatures and more of the fantasy realm coming to life.

As for what’s next, at this point I’m thinking it will take two more books to finish Alissia’s story. I’ll know in a few months, as there is a slight chance I can fit it all into one. However, there are a lot of creatures, action, and adventure as we near the end of her journey, and I refuse to skimp on the details to rush through things. That’s why I believe it will need to be told in two novels. They will be fast paced, and things will get intense. I hope you stick around for it!

Thank you for keeping up with me as an author. My writing continues to improve with each novel I write, and I’m often overwhelmed by the feedback I’ve gotten on this series. I have much planned for this series, along with others. My goal is to give you books filled with intriguing mystery, fantasy, and romance. The other series I’ve started on is completely different from this one, and I can’t wait to share it with you one day.

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