I always think of my third novel, Unexpected Peril, when I’m asked if I’ve ever suffered from writer’s block. Although the story was mostly in my head, I could not start writing it. I needed creatures to do certain things, but I had a problem designing those creatures. By designing, I mean coming up with where they lived, how they dressed, what they ate, and pretty much everything that makes a society.

The plot had been in my head for over a year before it came time to sit down and write it out. After a couple of weeks in the planning stage during summer break with my children at home, I finally took a hot bath and looked at art on Pinterest. One picture took me to another, and another, and another . . . By the time I stepped out of the tub, I had a private Pinterest board filled with swamp pictures and a fresh desire to start writing. Just like that, the block disappeared. I just needed to get my brain to start visualizing, and Pinterest is filled with pictures of almost everything.

Need research on a swamp? How about an ocean? Pinterest saved me and got my writing juices flowing again. I suggest keeping at least one private board and fill it with pictures that inspire your writing. Once your novel is out, you can move the pins to a public board to represent the book. You can check out my Unexpected Peril Pinterest board if you want.