How exciting it is to finally get to a scene I’ve had in my mind for a long time!  My fingers can’t wait to type it out, and it’s hard to focus on anything else.  That is how I felt about a week and a half ago.  My daughter was at a birthday party, and I spent the afternoon in my vehicle in the parking lot of the party place doing research for the big scene.  Around 6:00 p.m. I ate some dark chocolate and continued with my research.  By the time we got home that evening, I was no longer hungry, and I was ready to do some writing.  I grabbed some lemon water and went to my bedroom to type.  That night I went to sleep with a smile on my face, because the following day was Monday.  The children would go back to school, and the hubby would go to work, leaving me an entire day of silence to type out my big scene.

At least, that was the plan.  That night I experienced extremely vivid dreams and woke drenched in sweat.  When I awoke the next morning, I was too drained to get out of bed.  It was the first time I was not able to get my children off to school.  My hubby had to do it.  My entire day was wasted, and I got nothing done.  It seems, I erred by skipping dinner and had a sugar drop during the night, which left me without any energy the next day.

That Tuesday I went to a doctor and had tests done.  Then two of my children got head colds (one is VERY cranky while sick), and there were routine appointments throughout the week.  I’ve also got a lot of company coming in for Thanksgiving, so I spent my weekend trying to get caught up on housecleaning.  This week has been spent with more doctor appointments.  (Everything came in normal, and I’m healthy, just won’t be skipping dinner any time soon.)  Last night I had to cook for a brunch at my son’s school I attended this morning.  I also found an email last night reminding me that one of my daughters will be on stage singing tonight in choir.  I also need to bring cookies, separately wrapped (which means I need to bake some quickly).  I’ll add that since I’ll be having two Thanksgiving meals at my home with many guests for the entire week, I need to have a lot of desserts and meals made and in my freezer before they get here.  (Two pumpkin pies are in the oven now and will go straight to my freezer.)

What happened to my writing?  I was so close to an exciting scene, yet it still sits there waiting for me.  It’s not one that I want to start and have to walk away from in an hour.  It’s one of those I want to be able to focus on to get it right, and it won’t be easy to put down until finished.

The rest of my week is packed, and I have a conference to attend this weekend before my family gets here right when I get home.  Although I knew this month would be busy and I did not sign up for NaNoWriMo, I’m watching my fellow authors zoom through their word count, and yes, I’m jealous.  I keep reminding myself that life happens, and this month I just have to go with it.  Next week I will enjoy the company of my family and friends, and my novel will be waiting for me once it is over.  Life will return back to normal, at least until Christmas.

Until then, I have to be content with knowing I’ll get back to Alissia’s adventure soon, and I will also be starting a new stand-alone novel also.  It’s a story that came to me back in October, and it is demanding to be typed out.  It won’t go away or leave me alone.  I guess it needs to be told, even if it is not in the fantasy genre or something I had expected to write.  But, Unexpected Metamorphosis was not planned either.  It just came and demanded to be written.  I guess that is how it is to be then.

Well, I have pies to put away, laundry to finish, and cookies to bake.  Sadly, I wish I was writing today.  It truly bothers me that I can’t type 🙁

Thank you for all the support, and I hope you’re enjoying your week.